The Beginning

LynCar’s business began in the 1960s, under founding president Harry Thompson. He named the company after his two daughters Lynda and Carol, LynCar opened as a supplier of lighting and electrical supplies to local contractors.  An electric fire bell was the first and only product LynCar offered specifically to the fire industry during this time. 

The Eighties

The Eighties saw some major changes as Clive Davies took over the helm as the new owner. LynCar added many of the fire protection items that helped make LynCar the popular supplier it is today including thread sealants, spare head boxes, wire guards and baffle plates. At this time, LynCar began to broaden its sources of supply, including both North American and overseas manufacturers. This was the beginning of the model we follow today, in which we supply both our own LynCar-branded products while also serving as an authorized distributor of a number of leading OEM brands.

The Nineties 

LynCar continued to grow in the Nineties.  Sprinkler heads, valves and devices were added to our catalogue, and we continued on the path to becoming a “One Stop Shop” with thousands of specialty products for the industry.

The New Millennium

With the change of the century LynCar continued to grow, adding additional capacity, and expanding our catalogue and web site. In 2010 the business transitioned to new ownership. In 2013, LynCar separated its fire protection business from its other divisions, creating the company known today as LynCar Fire Inc.  The wholesale and retail plumbing business carried on under the LynCar and Waterline brands operating separately.

Nearly 60 years on, LynCar Fire continues to forge its own separate path, with a strong brand and growing catalogue of products proudly supporting installers of fire sprinkler systems across Canada.