Replacement Parts



- LynCar offers many replacement parts for your Ridgid, MAXPOWER, or Berkley Threading machines
- Below is a selection of the most popular replacement parts

Part#DescriptionRIDGID® X ref.
BT31086 Power Switch with Cord 68820
BT73031 Motor Brush Set (300/535) 44540
BT73030 Switch for Power Drive (300/535) 44505
BT73002 Power Drive Armature 115V (300/535) 44010
BT30054 Power Drive Jaw Inserts Set/3 (300/535) 44715
BT30001 Barrel Shaft 44100
BT30003 Thrust Ring 45345
BT73004 Armature Ball Bearing 44565
BT73011 Motor Brush Cap 44545
BT73012 Power Cord 46740
BT30054 Jaw inserts (set of 3) 47715
BT77779 Foot Switch with cord 68820