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Switch – Pressure, Square D

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- LynCar stocks a full line of pressure switches from SQUARE D
- This is a superior quality line of pressure switches
- Can be used with either wet or dry system excess pressure pumps and air compressors
- Please only use unloader equipped switches with air compressor applications

Part#Square D #PSICaseUnloader
406595 9013FHG12J52 91/125 non Metallic No
406594 9013FSG2J21 30/50 non Metallic No
406593 9013FSG22J36 10/5 reverse non Metallic No
406599 9013GSG3J21X 30/50 NEMA 1 enclosure Yes
406592 9013GHG6J63X 145 - 175 NEMA 1 enclosure Yes

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